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Message from the President of the KDCA:

On behalf of our club's board of directors, I am very pleased to announce that the United Kennel Club has officially approved our club's request for approval as their National Parent Breed Association for the Kangal Dog Breed. As many of you know, the process for approval has taken a very long time and has been achieved by hard work and input from board and club members both past and present.

I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered their time and talents to make this happen.

Best wishes,

Cedric Giraud
Kangal Dog Club of America

2015 Calendars are Available!

The new Kangal Dog Club of America Calendars can now be ordered from our web site. Just download the form, fill it out and mail it with payment. A preview of all photos, along with ordering details are available in the shop.

What is the Kangal breed?

The Kangal Dog is a native Turkish livestock guardian breed, and in Turkey this historic breed goes by no other name. It is registered in the USA by the United Kennel Club (UKC), a respected registry for over 100 years, whose focus is on the "Total Dog."

The Kangal Dog Club of America (KDCA) is the National UKC Breed Club for the Kangal Dog.

Thinking of buying a Kangal Dog?

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Notice: We are always looking for qualified adoption homes for Kangal Dogs! Please see our Rescue page for contacts!


Do you own a Kangal Dog?
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Kangal Dog Registration

Registration of your dog is important to:

  • Establish your dog as a purebred Kangal Dog
  • Protect the integrity of the Kangal Dog gene pool
  • Provide puppy owners with official pedigrees

Click here for info on Single Registration

Contact the Single Registration Committee to learn about UKC Registration for imported dogs and their progeny.

For more information about the United Kennel club, visit www.ukcdogs.com